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Maryland MCS

Contract Name
Maryland Consulting Services (MCS)
Contract ADPICS No.
Maryland Department of Budget and Management (DBM)
Expiration Date
June 30, 2009
Program Ceiling
Type of TOs
T&M, Labor Hour

The Department of Budget and Management has established a multiple award ID/IQ contract to assist State agencies in obtaining highly qualified firms to perform various management consulting services. Consulting engagement task orders may focus on any aspect of the mission, goals, objectives, operations or management of a State agency, multiple agencies, or component programs of an agency. Under this contract, management consulting services reviews will generally include an objective and systematic assessment of the performance of a government agency, program, or activity against industry best practices. This will be done in order to provide information to improve performance and accountability and to facilitate effective decision-making by parties responsible for overseeing or initiating corrective actions in reviewed agencies.

Consulting Areas
Such assessments might include review and evaluation of the following 6 broad consulting areas in order to provide specific, identifiable, and measurable recommendations for improvement:
1. Agency Governance;
2. Organizational Structure and Alignment;
3. Economy and Efficiency;
4. Program Performance;
5. Strategic and Action Planning; and
6. Business Process Reengineering.

For complete contract information, see the Maryland MCS web site.