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Contract Name
Chief Information Officer - Solutions & Partners 2 Innovations (CIO-SP2i)
Contract Number
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Expiration Date
June 20, 2012, 2010
Program Ceiling
$19.5 Billion
Type of TOs

Sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), CIO-SP2i is an ID/IQ contract providing IT services for all Federal organizations. Offering fast turnaround, multiyear tasking and no limit on hardware and software purchases, CIO-SP2i was the first GWAC vehicle to incorporate the benefits created by legislation. The features and benefits offered by CIO-SP2i are:

  • This total solution contract offers a full range of IT services, a fast and streamlined ordering process, and a low contract access fee of 1%.
  • NIH program management fees are exceptionally low, starting at $250.
  • Geographic scope includes the Continental United States and abroad.
  • Funding can be routed through GSA in Kansas City, allowing clients to take advantage of the 5-year revolving IT fund.
  • You can obtain CIO-SP2i services through T&M, FFP, CS, CPFF, CPAF or value-based task orders depending upon your requirements.
  • The task may exceed one year and up to the life of the contract without additional task orders.
  • CIO-SP2i offers total customer involvement in competition, which means:
    • No limit on task order value
    • No limit on ODCs - up to 99% of task order value
    • Additional subcontractors can be added
    • Specialized labor categories can be added to task orders as required
    • Leasing available

InfoPro provides services in the following Functional Areas:
FA 3 - IT Operations and Maintenance
FA 4 - Integration Services
FA 6 - Digital Government

Getting Started
Work begins in 21 days or fewer after you submit your SOW.

Step 1: Customer sends SOW with government cost estimate to NIH Task Order POC.
Step 2: NIH advertises the opportunity.
Step 3: InfoPro prepares the proposal.
Step 4: Customer completes Solution Recommendation Document Package (SRDP) for NIH.
Step 5: NIH reviews SRDP and sends approval letter to customer.
Step 6: Customer issues task order and funding documents to vendor.

For complete contract information, see the NITAAC CIO-SP2i web site.